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Pangea Organics Facial

Pangea Organics Facial $135 – 60 mins This facial is to bring your skin into balance, unleashing your innate, ever-present vitality...


Tinting Eyebrow Tint – $20 Lash Tint – $30 Back to Services


Waxing Eyebrow – $30 Lip – $10 Chin – $10 Nose – $5 Back to Services

Organic Microdermabrasion

Organic (100% Walnut Shells) Microdermabrasion $100 Organic microdermabrasion gives any skin a smooth, polished and even finish.  The results are...

Renew Professional Peel

Renew Professional Peel These peels effectively exfoliate lifeless cells, revealing new emerging skin which will allow for proper absorption of...

Volcanic Clay Purifying Facial

Volcanic Clay Purifying Facial $135 – 60 mins This facial incorporates a powerful purifying mask made from a blend of botanical essence in a...

Rapid Repair Facial

Rapid Repair Facial $160 – 60 mins This powerful facial has you looking younger in no time with resurfacing organic walnut microdermabrasion...

Liquid Lift Peptide Facial

Liquid Lift Peptide Facial $145 – 60 mins Mimic the effects of costly injections with our “Liquid Lift” treatment.  This facial...

InjecStem™ Bio-Firming Facial

InjecStem™ Bio-Firming Facial $250 – 60 mins Say goodbye to costly injections!  “Needle-free” facial with advanced exfoliation...

Himalayan Superfruit Facial

Himalayan Superfruit Facial $175 – 60 mins An exotic cocktail of goji, pomegranate, acai, and bilberry creates the perfect solution for...

Green Tea and Seaweed Soothing Facial

Green Tea and Seaweed Soothing Facial $150 – 60 mins This facial is an extremely calming treatment and is beneficial for even the most...

Signature Facial

Signature Facial $195 – 75 mins A revolutionary combination of proteins and B vitamins activate vital energy necessary for healthy cellular...

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At Purely Organic, we see skin the same way as nutrition and exercise and offer safe, healthy and effective facial treatments.

Exercise your skin and feel empowered.

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Pure, innovative skincare using the most luxurious, natural ingredients available.

High performance skin line.  Pure, nurturing, nourishing state of the art formulations that deliver results.

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